Mealworm Guacamole! Creamy AND crittery!
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One of the things we're always asking ourselves when we're deciding which recipes to put up on Gastrobug is whether it's interesting enough, or unique enough. Not everything has to be a reinvention of a meal, or even all that complicated. But we like to have our ambitions, so we're doing our best -- mostly for recipes that we haven't released yet, which require some R&D -- to be creative.


But there are still a lot of really great and simple ways to integrate insects into your meals. Generally these involve cricket or mealworm meal, and involve either substituting one ingredient for the meal, or just adding it. It doesn't seem like as much of a creation as it might (Brian's doing the typing on this one), but you know what? They're still tasty. Like waffles, and pancakes.

And who doesn't like tasty?

This time we wanted to add some insect to that staple of awesomeness, the humble guacamole. And this time we went with mealworm, because we like variety. The mealworms add a bit of a hearty taste to the guacamole, which adds some complexity to it without at all making you forget what's on your chip. Now, this recipe uses meal, though it could also be pretty neat with some dry-roasted and crumbled up mealworms. Next time!

We started with this recipe from Simply Recipes as a base. It's easy and straightforward to make. And quick!

Bit of a warning: The mealworm meal darkens the guac, so it looks like guacamole that's gone off. But it hasn't. It's still good!

PLUS: Here's an obligatory picture of our Toddlerbear, taking a sandwich break between attempts to help us out by repeatedly turning our studio lights on and off.

An insect-friendly side dish for incredible snacking? Yes ma’am. Don’t delay, friends: you will thank us!

You’re welcome.

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