Entomo Blogs

This is a very much in-progress listing of awesome entomophagy and sustainable eating blogs. Pardon the mess, and all that.

Bugs Feed

Girl Meets Bugs

The Bug Chef

Don Bugito

The Entocurean

Food Tank

Buggies DK

Rustle Up Some Grub

Deli Ento


LaView Eye

Insects are Food

Bugs for Life

Project NOSH

Chirpy Crickets

Bug Burger

Tiny Farms

Open Bug Farm

Eat My Bugs


Bug Vivant


Maggot Master Blog

Journal of Insects as Food and Feed

Entomophagy: Edible Insects and the Future of Food

New Food Magazine

EntoMove Project

Hakuna Food

Earth & Me


Insect Centre

The Travel Bug Bite



Entomo Cultura

Crunchy Critter Farms

New Food Economy

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Link Swarm: September 6, 2016
(Image from   As we read things on the internet, we bookmark them to share with you fine, fine folks. Generally we intend to share them one at a…
Tuesday September 6, 2016
Vlog: Eating Grasshoppers
In the third instalment of our infrequently-released video blog, Maddy and I ate grasshoppers for the first time! Well, it's technically a compilation of our first two attempts at eating grasshoppers,…
Thursday September 1, 2016
A little cricket told me that I have Celiac disease.
Okay, so a cricket didn’t literally walk up to me and say, “hey Maddy -- you have the symptoms of Celiac. Maybe you should go check that out.” (though admittedly,…
Thursday August 25, 2016
Went Fishin'
Readers of the site might notice that we've been a bit quiet lately. Other than an awesome Donuts recipe we posted at the beginning of the week, we haven't posted…
Wednesday August 24, 2016
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