Mealworm-infused Old-Fashioned Cake Donuts! Buggy and Delicious!
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We admit it: even though we try to think only 'healthy food' thoughts all the time, we're only human. We love us some junk food from time to time. Who doesn't? Donuts are a particular favourite, and freshly made donuts are just about the best thing ever.

A while back we got a little deep into making donuts using recipes from the always amazing ChefSteps. If you haven't seen, seriously, go there now. We'll wait. ChefSteps is a magical land filled with incredible development chefs who just nail down the best food ever. It's so good.

One of their recipes was for Old-Fashioned Donuts. They're these gorgeous cake donuts that are rich and delicious and so damn flavourful they make our waistlines cry. But they're worth it. And as part of our continuing attempts to make already awesome food more awesome buy adding bugs in them, we've modified their recipe a bit and made it entomo-tastic. Entomolicious?

Whatever portmanteau you choose, they're good. So good. We used mealworms for this -- which add a distinctive extra something to the donut, a sort of savoury angle that's definitely there, but not too in your face --  but crickets would work well, too. And crickets have a much more pronounced, richer flavour than mealworms, so be warned and/or enticed.

And seriously, seriously, if you haven't been to ChefSteps yet, do so. They're the umami-bomb.

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