Ghoulish Mealworm Skull Cake Bugs! And Halloween!
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Hallowe'en is coming up soon, and one of the things people like to do is add fake creepy crawlies to their food. But we're an entomophagy blog: we don't need to use fake insects, we can use real insects. And so we did! And we made our cake using a fantastic Wilton skull-shaped pan we got from Bulk Barn. (You can get them through Amazon, as well, if you've no idea at all what Bulk Barn is) It was a lot of fun to put together, and it turned out great!

This recipe is a little different from many of the ones we've posted here so far: it's less about the recipe per se, and more about the preparation. So there's a lot of lee-way in how you can approach this.

For our preparation, we grabbed a cake mix package for the skulls, which -- is it lazy? Maybe, sure. But we've got a hyperactive 3-year old. Don't judge. The icing was mixed from scratch, using a buttercream recipe we found on Yummly. If you've got a favourite icing recipe, or a favourite cake recipe, use them! It'll still turn out great.

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