Restaurants that Serve insects

If you're interested in trying out bugs for the first time,  but don't want to spend the money required for a bag of cricket flour or protein bars? There's another option: going out to a nice restaurant! That's right: more and more restaurants have insects on the menu, often in incredibly creative and delicious ways.

The upside to trying insects at a restaurant is that they'll be prepared by someone who really knows how to cook them, and they'll be yummy. The downside is actually finding a restaurant with critters on the menu, because while there are indeed more and more places putting them on the menu, there still aren't too many -- especially in the Western world -- that have taken the plunge. But we here at Gastrobug have compiled a list to aid you in your search!


  • BenS BugS - Beringen - mealworms -
  • B34 Steak & Burger House - Brussels - Buffalo worms -


British Columbia

  • Vij's - Indian cuisine -


  • Cookie Martinez - Columbian Style Insects -


  • Le Festin Nu - Paris - crickets, mealworms -
  • Aphrodite - Nice - crickets, mealworms, superworms -


  • Papillon's Kitchen - Seoul -


  • Tante Truus - Netherlands - locusts -
  • Bugalicious - Netherlands - crickets, grasshoppers, mealworms, buffalo worms -

New Zealand

  • Vault 21 - Dunedin - locusts -


United States of America



  • Linger - Denver - Cricket Tacos - Press:



New York

  • Black Ant (east Village, NY) - grasshopper tacos (ENCHAPULINADOS)
  • Toloache (NY) - Chapulines






Note: The restaurants above all offered insects on their menu at the time of inclusion on this list, but that's no guarantee that they'll still have them. We recommend double-checking their menu going on any long drives to indulge in some entomophagy.

Are you lucky enough to be near one of these excellent restaurants? If you are, stop reading and go eat! And then tell us what you thought of your food!

If you know of a restaurant that we missed, please let us know!

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