Went Fishin' By Brian on August 24, 2016

Readers of the site might notice that we've been a bit quiet lately. Other than an awesome Donuts recipe we posted at the beginning of the week, we haven't posted anything in a little over a month. And we haven't posted any recipes in even longer. So what's up with that?

To paraphrase Megatron: "We still function!"

The slowdown in content has been because of a few things: Brian (me) is self-employed as a software developer, and as anyone who's self-employed knows, it's basically feast or famine. And I've had a glut of work lately, which has reduced my available time a bit. Plus Maddy, who does the lion's share of toddler care, also has a part time job, so one of the struggles we perpetually deal with is the managing a slice of a very small pie, in terms of time, with the jobs, childcare, time for each other, and the second/third/fourth job that is Gastrobug. Which I'm sure no one else in the world can empathize with. Also, as you'll be able to read today or tomorrow, Maddy's been dealing with some dietary health revelations, the testing of which temporarily reduced her productivity for a while.

The past month has been a whole thing.

But! Even as we've not posted much of anything, we've been hard at work, planning and prepping and researching, and doing some recipe development on a bunch of things. We're pretty excited about them! What things, exactly? More recipes! Some "state of the entomophagy union"-style product roundups! More vlogs! A cookbook! A podcast! Probably some other things I'm forgetting because it's so early!

Also? We haven't done a new video recipe in a while, and considering we bought a fancy new camera for exactly that purpose, getting the beautiful Maddy back in front of the camera with some food is a top priority.

So we will see you all very soon!

(I've also been in treatment for excessive use of italics. True story.)

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