Cricket Pancakes! Silver dollar beauties!
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In our continuing effort to incorporate insects into our breakfasts, and to get our toddler to eat more protein that he thinks is actually just carbs, we decided to insect-up that staple of deliciousness, the pancake. Because who doesn't like pancakes? I think that anyone who says they don't like them is just pretending they don't, because come on, they're pancakes!

Seriously, why are you pretending not to like pancakes, hypothetical nay-sayers? They can be made in basically a bazillion ways, with anything from flour to just bananas and cream (more or less). They're so versatile and delicious, and adding some insect meal into the mix? That just increases their versatility index to 9001.

Oh, yeah.

For our first pancake recipe, we went simple and classic, and just added some cricket meal to an otherwise normal recipe. But! You could totally add it to your other, more favourite pancake recipe. Or you could use mealworm meal if you have it, or any other kind of powdered insect you might have at your disposal (Thailand Unique sells scorpion powder!) The field of delicious is wide open, believe us.

How did our inaugural voyage into enhanced pancakes go? Well, must like the waffles we made last week, the crickets give a great extra kick to the food; it's really pretty great. And so simple to make, because it's pancakes!

Pancake pancake pancake!

Note: This recipe is adapted from 'The Best Ever Pancakes Recipe,' which we found over on Yummly.

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