Cricket Waffles (with Caramelized Banana!)
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Waffles are the best. They're like if pancakes had a sense of style. And we just made some, with cricket meal on the inside, and some caramelized bananas on the top. They were incredible!

Note: This recipe is modified from one we found on Cake Student via Yummly (who themselves got it from Taste of Home)

At casa de Gastrobug, we like us some waffles, but we don't make them enough because ... reasons? They don't take a crazy amount of time, they're pretty easy to mix together, and a waffle iron takes the guesswork out of it. So I guess we really have no excuse not to make them all the time. Plus the toddler likes them (!!) so that just removes any barriers that could possibly exist in front of us.

Seriously, our little guy ate an entire waffle all by himself, and didn't even need to be bribed with syrup (something he wants to convince us is a drink) or candied bananas. It's a Festivus miracle!

Anyway, we're starting off a week of awesome breakfast recipes here, and what better dish to start with than with waffles, with some delicious cricket meal added to give it a nice earthy kick, and with some caramelized bananas added to balance that out with even more sweetness? Our slightly modified recipe from Cake Student/Yummly/Taste of Home is very straightforward and easy to make, and allows for plenty of time to make the super-quick-and-easy bananas while you're waiting for the next waffle to be finished.

Let's get started!

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