Quick and Easy Cricket Candy! It's tasty! And good!
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Easter's coming up, which means eggs, candy, chocolate, and small children running around, desperately searching for eggs, candy and chocolate. And it also means eggs, candy and chocolate in bright colours. We're still settling into our groove here at Gastrobug, but we figured we'd get in on this seasonal fun, which means putting bugs into candy. This leads us to the obvious question: what candy are we going to vastly improve by introducing insects -- crickets, specifically -- into them?

The answer -- the only answer -- is those delicious wafer candies you can buy in bulk. We don't know what they're made of, and really, if we found out the answer would probably make us sad, so we're going to say that they're made of delicious and leave it at that.

Our first-ever seasonal recipe is super-easy, super-quick to make, and super-cute. Plus, also, it's super-delicious. So let's get started!

As far as equipment goes, you'll need candy molds to hold the wafers once they're melted. We got ours from the Bulk Barn, but versions are available all over, from Walmart, Michael's, or your local craft store. They come in lots of different shapes, but we grabbed a mold with egg, rabbit, chicken and lamb shapes; it just seemed like the right fit. In addition to the molds, you might want a piping bag to get the wafers into the molds with a minimum of mess. If you don't have a piping bag or an icing gun, just use a plastic baggie, and cut a small hole out of one corner. It's pretty good in a pitch.



That’s it! The candy mostly hides the flavour of the crickets, meaning that for the most part all you really get from them is a satisfying crunch, like those Hershey’s chocolate bars with Rice Krispies in them. Only ours have more protein, and are in a super-cute Easter basket!


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