Mmmm. Bug-ridden (on purpose) French bread
Hungry? Go right to the recipe!

In between our weekend adventures with the littlest entomophage, we spent a couple of hours in the kitchen producing a tasty, tasty pair of French bread loaves infused with crickety goodness, based on a straight forward Joy of Cooking recipe.

For those who haven’t tried to make bread before, it’s actually an incredibly simple process. You need to be somewhat aware of the temperatures of things (too hot water will kill the yeast, too cold a room will inhibit the yeasts’ growth) and I recommend being in a bad mood while making it (I can’t adequately describe how satisfying it is to beat the hell out of the dough during the kneading stage whilst grumpy), but it’s not difficult. I think sometimes that people who cook/bake like to play up the mystique surrounding the process, but please don’t be daunted. Making your own bread (cricket-based or otherwise) is both tasty and empowering.

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