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French Toast is just about our favourite thing ever: quick and easy to make, incredibly delicious, and super-filling. we could just about eat it every single day, and as a special plus, it's actually one of the foods that has protein in it that the toddler will eat. It's win-win-win!

For this recipe, the goal wasn't to reinvent the wheel, or make some crazy concoction where half the bread gets replaced by crickets and it's a Brand New Thing. The goal was something quick and easy that has a nice, different flavour to it: the crickets are seasoning more than anything else, and they work well! The crickets add an earthiness to the meal, with the cinnamon and nutmeg balancing it out in some yummy trifecta of tastiness.

If you decide to make this -- and you should! -- you'll want to play around with the amount of crickets and other seasoning; this is just what we used this time, not the only way a cricket, cinnamon and nutmeg-enhanced french toast could possibly work out.


This recipe may be entomo, but it's definitely not entomovegan: we're using eggs with our bugs. 

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