Bug Brownies Snack time is so good!
Hungry? Go right to the recipe!

Today we’re making bug brownies! I would like to claim these are magically healthy for the inclusion of insect protein, and after all, chocolate is good for your heart or staying eternally youthful and feeling good in your tummy or something, right?

Alas, they also contain approximately a bucketload of sugar. So I’m afraid we can’t make that super-healthy claim BUT they do have more protein than other brownies and taste precisely like a brownie so it’s still a win.

Also, there will be actually healthy brownies coming, which don’t taste precisely like a brownie, but are still quite good and filled with healthy fats and loads and loads of protein. But these are not those. These are 100% decadent, decadent dessert.

And that’s it!  Let cool, cut into square, and enjoy!

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