Wanting to Want to Eat Bugs By Brian on December 30, 2015

There are two main goals with this site:

  1. We want to show people that eating insects isn't crazy, that it's a good idea that makes sense and, that insects can actually taste good. We want to show that growing your own insects, be they mealworms, black soldier flies, grasshoppers or anything else, is a simple, cost-effective way to generate your own high-quality protein. We want to ease people -- possibly you, currently reading this, if you've heard of entomophagy and are considering the possibility of chowing down on some critters -- into it, moving from floured insects mixed seamlessly in otherwise normal dishes, to eating insects that are still recognizable as such, all the way to ordering a plate of Chapulines  or something even more daring.
  2. We want to convince ourselves to do all those things I just said.

As I write this, Maddy (my wife and lovely co-author of this site) and I have eaten several meals with cricket flour in them (courtesy of Entomo Farms), some with mealworm flour, and a few baked crickets and mealworms (also from Entomo). We've even grown a couple generations of mealworms ourselves, and turned some of them into the mealworm flour mentioned above.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"] We raised these mealworms. And we killed them![/caption]

So we've made some progress in our entomophagic goals, but we're not as acclimated to bug-eatery as we'd like to be, nor as adventurous as we should be.We're still novices, with very small comfort levels when it comes to this kind of food, all things considered. We also don't presently have any mealworms on the grow, which we aim to fix very shortly. We've got a growing list of meals we want to try, with bugs puréed and whole, and we've got plans to make our home-grown mealworm setup way more efficient and productive than it was the first time around. initially all this will be text-only, but we'll expand our efforts to video as soon as we can. Because how can we be embracing the bug-laden future if our site is stuck in some word-based past? That's crazy talk.

We've got plans and plans. And plans. 

Hopefully, if you're interested in tossing back and insect or two, what we put on the site will make you more comfortable with the prospect of actually doing so, and what we learn along the way will help you do the same. Because eating bugs is, apparently, the way to go, for a variety of reasons we aim to explore.

Next up will probably be a great recipe for bug-laden brownies, and then after that a bit about how we raised our mealworms the first time. It'll be fun on a bun!

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