A little cricket told me that I have Celiac disease.

Okay, so a cricket didn’t literally walk up to me and say, “hey Maddy — you have the symptoms of Celiac. Maybe you should go check that out.” (though admittedly, that would be far cooler than the real story). But our attempts at better living through bugs did lead us here. What follows, ultimately, is … Continued

What we’re reading these days

Here at the Gastrobug headquarters, we’re spending some time getting back to basics.   This week we’ve acquired An Introduction to the Study of Insects by Borror, Triplehorn and Johnson, which is (I’m told) THE primer for all things insectoid.  We hope, with a better background in what insects are and how they work and their … Continued

What if I told you that you’re already eating bugs?

One of the more common responses to the question of whether or not one would, under pain of death, eat insects, is to look at the person posing the question as if s/he had grown a second — particularly unattractive, at that — head while crying out “ew!” and looking as if vomiting is a … Continued