Buggy Sugar Cookies! Who cares if this isn't health food?
Hungry? Go right to the recipe!

This week's super tasty bug recipe is Sugar Cookies!  With bugs!

I have to admit that, while I firmly believe that all attempts to incorporate bugs into all food stuffs make for a worthy attempt, I was a little skeptical on how this would go. I'm tremendously fond of sugar cookies. One of my favourite things about sugar cookies is the delicate blend of flavours and buttery texture, though, and I was concerned that the sort of nutty flavour of the crickets would interfere with both taste and texture.

But, of course, the attempt must be made! Onward ho!

Note: All credit for the super cute icing of the cookies goes to Brian: I mixed the icing then left him to colour it, wandering over to the couch with a cup of tea to check on my pretend farm on my iPad.


So are the pigs. They wear toques.


As ever, we begin by gathering our ingredients.  I chose a very butter-heavy recipe in the hopes that it would balance out the flavour of the crickets, which I kept to a modest 1/4 cup. And also because I adore butter.


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